A Community of Teachers and Families!

About Us

Westlake Lessons is a tight-knit team of music teachers who are dedicated to providing quality music lessons to homes and schools in the Eanes ISD community.

By serving exclusively to Eanes ISD homes and schools we ensure that teachers spend more time doing what they love and less time stressing in traffic.

As a result, we are able to attract and retain some of the most talented teachers in the Austin, TX area. Families benefit from home lessons that are affordable, from teachers who are friendly and enthusiastic to pass on their love of music.

Westlake Lessons is an Enrichment Program Provider of Eanes ISD Schools. Check your EISD course catalog for programs happening in your schools!

Our Teaching Philosophy

West Lake Lessons employs highly qualified teachers that use their own teaching styles. However, all of our teachers follow these guiding principles:

Music Literacy - Our guitar instructors teach students how to read standard music notation as well as tableture notation. These skills are highly beneficial to understanding music fundamentals, learning how music works, and developing reading skills that are transferable to other instruments!

Popular Repertoire - Our teachers encourage their students to take control of their musical destiny by selecting repertoire from their favorite artists and composers. Music lessons are infused with passion when students learn songs they know and love. It makes beginning musicians want to perform for their friends, which is after all, what music is all about! .



 Professionalism - During our home lessons, Westlake Lessons teachers are friendly and courteous guests in our student's homes!

Communication - Our teachers conclude each lesson with a written summary of the week's assigned material and/or goals, and a verbal summary of topics covered, so that students and parents know what to practice between lessons!

Resources - Our teachers take on the responsibility of providing our students the resources to practice their weekly assignments, whether its printed sheet music or neatly handwritten exercises.

Performance - Westlake Lessons hosts semesterly recitals, which allow students to gain much needed performance experience in front of a friendly audience. They are a perfect reward for the work put in during the semester, and infuse their lessons with energy with anticipation of the next recital!